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Apple Macintosh
Snow Leopard 10.6 Information on the latest system software from Apple.
CNET MacFixIt Excellent help for Mac related problems.
Apple Tech Specs Find out what the specifications are for your product from apple using your serial number or product picture.
Mac OS X Keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Web Site Helpful web site for Microsoft Exchange.
The Microsoft Store
Microsoft Windows 7



Application Software

Microsoft Office for Windows
Microsoft Office for Macintosh
FireFox Web Browser

Utility Software

Stuffit for Mac and PC
Symantec and Norton Products.
Acronis Backup Solutions
CNET Software download site

HTML Web Forums

HTML Reference and Tutorials
Quackit Beginners how to.
Flash Kit Forum
Browser Shots A web site that you can use to check your web site compatibility.
Validate your web page Checks your web pages for problems.

Technology & News Sites

Tech Republic
Windows Security Forum
Experts Exchange
Make use of it


Wikipedia The Encyclopedia of the Internet.

Just For Fun

Geocaching If you have a GPS and always liked to play hide and seek, you may find this fun and good exercise also.
Itunes HD Movie Trailers Watch High Definition movie trailers on your computer.

These are some of our favorite links.
They help us to better serve our clients and for training purposes. We will add new links from time to time to keep our list up to date.

We try to keep things current but companies are always updating their information. If you see any problems with the links please Email us and we will try and fix the problem as soon as we can.

Thank You.

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